Chris Evans does his best Tim Allen impression in new trailer for Lightyear

Pixar is ready to debut their newest animated feature, and this one’s a doozy. Lightyear is about Buzz Lightyear, but not the toy voiced by Tim Allen in the Toy Story movies. This is the actual guy who inspired the toy, in this case voiced by Marvel veteran Chris Evans doing a Tim Allen impression.

Or at least that’s the impression I get when I watch the latest trailer for the movie, which reveals a lot more about the story. Watch it below and let me know what you think:

Incidentally, producer Galyn Susman told IGN that they hired another actor to play Buzz (the guy, not the toy) to avoid confusion. “There was so much initial confusion about our pitch, that it became really clear that we needed to have some clear delineators,” she said. “We needed a different voice. And our Buzz had to have hair. We needed some things that made it clear that this is not the Toy Story Buzz.”

But then why have him sound like Toy Story Buzz? Whatever, I’ll just see the movie on June 17 and walk away happy like I do after pretty much every Pixar film.

Zack Snyder shares first images of his Star Wars ripoff Rebel Moon

Speaking of outer space adventures, Zack Snyder is working on a much darker one for Netflix: Rebel Moon, about an colony in outer space that assembles a group of warriors to fight against a tyrannical force. Production has begun, and Snyder tweeted out the first on-set pics:

If that plot sounds a little Star Wars-y, that’s no coincidence; Rebel Moon began life as Snyder’s pitch for a new Star Wars movie.

There’s no release date for Rebel Moon as of yet. Expect it in the next year or so.

Fast & Furious 10 gets an official title

Finally, the official Twitter account for the Fast & Furious franchise revealed that production has begun on the tenth movie: Fast X.

There’s no release date for that one yet. Vroom vroom.

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