Hulu’s final trailer for The Orville: New Horizons is gorgeous and cinematic

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“It’s almost like yesterday was one life, and today’s another,” says Kelly Grayson (Adrianne Palicki) in the brand new trailer for The Orville: New Horizons, and boy does that feel on point. It’s been quite a while since season 2 of The Orville premiered on Fox all the way back in April 2019, so you could be forgiven for forgetting the show even existed. But soon The Orville will be back for season 3, now at its new home on Hulu.

The streamer dropped a new trailer for the series the other day, reminding us that The Orville is in fact a pretty damn good show, and that this season might its most ambitious season yet. “Definitely worth the wait,” the trailer teases us in its final moments. If these few new minutes of footage are anything to judge by, The Orville: New Horizons will make good on that promise.

We’ll let the trailer speak for itself:

The Orville will continue skewering Star Trek in June

The Orville is a love letter to classic science fiction series like Star Trek, but with a layer of wit and satire courtesy of Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane, who stars as the USS Orville captain Ed Mercer. The first two seasons had an excellent balance of action and humor along with surprisingly good special effects. It’s a self-aware show, often referencing the media that so clearly influenced its creation, such as when Mercer tells his crew members “May the Force be with you” during a pep talk in the trailer. It’s a lot of fun.

From the looks of things, The Orville: New Horizons will take everything about the show from the first two seasons and dial it up to 11. The trailer shows vistas and spaceship sequences that are on par with anything else on TV, sprinkled with fun moments like Lieutenant Gordon Malloy (Scott Grimes) pointing out that having music on the bridge would keep the crew on its toes and ready for action.

The new trailer also hints at a more serious turn ahead. The second season ended with a cliffhanger confrontation against the robotic Kaylon, who are bent on humanity’s destruction. New Horizons will continue with that plotline while still making room for new adventures. The Orville has always been strongest when it’s explored different planets and cultures.

In addition to MacFarlane and Grimes, The Orville: New Horizons also stars Adrianne Palicki (Commander Kelly Grayson), Penny Johnson Jerald (Doctor Claire Finn), Peter Macon (Lieutenant Commander Bortus), J. Lee (Lieutenant Commander John LaMarr), Chad L. Coleman (Klyden), Jessica Szohr (Lieutenant Talla Keyali), and Anne Winters (Charly Burke). It also features Norm MacDonald as the ship’s gelatinous blob lieutenant/mechanic Yaphit. Season 3 features one of the comedian’s final performances before his passing in 2021.

The Orville: New Horizons premieres June 2 on Hulu.

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