Kit Harington is Frankenstein’s monster in new movie about Mary Shelley

After portraying Jon Snow on Game of Thrones for nearly a decade, actor Kit Harington has found the role he was born to play: Frankenstein’s monster, the lumbering titan immortalized on film by the likes of Boris Karloff and Peter Boyle. So picture this, but it’s Jon Snow:

Per NME, Harington will play the creature in Mary’s Monster, which is a sort of a metatextual film about author Mary Shelley writing her landmark horror novel Frankenstein way back in the 1810s, but also the monster is there. I’ll just let the synopsis speak for itself:

Terrified of giving voice to her own dark, transgressive thoughts yet at the same time driven creatively by them, Mary is seduced by her own inner monster catapulting her into a dangerous, destructive psychological romance the likes of which has never been seen before. Realizing the monster is inextricably linked to her own mental state, feeding off her own emotions, Mary’s only route to salvation is in bringing him to life. To survive, to heal, to finally be heard, her voice must become…monstrous.

Harington weighed in with a statement: “Mary’s Monster is a brilliantly original and fascinating script and I’m relishing the idea of depicting the unique part of The Monster. An embodiment of Mary Shelley’s psyche. I’m excited by Farren’s vision and passion for the project.”

That would be Farren Blackburn, the director. Clara Rugaard will play Mary Shelley, who was only 19 when she wrote Frankenstein. Ferdia Walsh-Peelo will play her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley, the famous poet; and Sebastian De Souza will play their buddy Lord Byron, yet another great literary mind of the time.

VENICE, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 05: Ed Skrein attends the red carpet of the movie “Mona Lisa And The Blood Moon” during the 78th Venice International Film Festival on September 05, 2021 in Venice, Italy. (Photo by Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Images)

Game of Thrones star Ed Skrein joins Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon as the bad guy

As long as we’re talking about Game of Thrones veterans getting new roles, Deadline reports that Ed Skrein has joined director Zack Snyder’s Netflix space opera Rebel Moon, where he’ll play the villain.

You may remember Skrein as the guy who played Daenerys Targaryen’s lover Daario Naharis…specially, the first guy to play Daario in season 3 before he was replaced with Michiel Huisman in season 4. Weirdly, the reverse is happening now, since Skrein’s Rebel Moon role was originally supposed to be played by Rupert Friend. Friend had to exit due to scheduling conflicts, so Skrein is stepping in.

As for the movie itself, Rebel Moon is about a remote space colony defending itself against an tyrannical Galactic empire. If you think that sounds like Star Wars, you’re not far off; the movie actually started life as a pitch for a new Star Wars movie, but I guess Disney said no, because here we are.

Neither Mary’s Monster nor Rebel Moon have release dates as of yet.

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