Elizabeth Olsen passes lie detector test, says she “never met” John Krasinksi

Okay so, Vanity Fair gave Marvel star Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda Maximoff) a polygraph test. But before we get into the results, if you haven’t watched Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, then be aware: SPOILERS lie ahead.

I’m not sure how I feel about polygraph tests because I’m not sure they’re very accurate. If you are a zen person who can calm yourself on command, then you can easily lie your way through it. On the flip side, you could be a nervous wreck, which the machine may interpret as you lying even if you’re telling the truth.

So, yes, while Elizabeth Olsen’s polygraph test did produce results we were not expecting, I’m not sure we can rely on them.

Elizabeth Olsen claims she never met John Krakinski on the set of Doctor Strange 2

About 10 minutes into the polygraph test with Vanity Fair, Olsen was asked about John Krasinski unexpectedly turning up in the movie as Mr. Fantastic. A picture of him was placed in front of her and she was asked, “Do you think this man is the smartest man alive?”

Elizabeth Olsen’s response? “I don’t know him, though… I’ve never met him.” And apparently she was telling the truth. Say what?!

So there are two things that could be happening here, because Olsen definitely has a scene where she interacts with Krasinski’s Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic. It could either be: 1) she’s a marvelous liar, or; 2) she really didn’t meet Krakinski because their parts of the scene were filmed separately and spliced together through the magic of editing and CGI. Krasinski did look kind of out-of-place in those scenes, so personally I think Olsen is telling the truth.

That, or Olsen has just been working with the secretive Marvel Studios so long that she can toss off lies like it’s nothing. If that’s the case, then we toast to her incredible ability to lie her way out of any situation.

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h/t The A.V. Club