Karl Urban isn’t replacing Pedro Pascal as The Mandalorian

No, Disney isn’t firing Pedro Pascal and replacing him with Karl Urban on The Mandalorian.

When the internet gets bored, sometimes it makes stuff up. For instance, apparently there’s a rumor going around that The Mandalorian has fired Pedro Pascal, who plays lead character Din Djarin, and replaced him with Karl Urban. I guess the logic in hiring Urban is that he also once played a character who spent most of his time under a helmet, in 2012’s Dredd.

Of course, the rumor makes no sense. For instance, if Disney really wanted to fire Pascal, why hire an expensive actor like Urban to replace when you could just pay some rando? After all, the character almost never removes his helmet so we’re not gonna see his face anyway.

Still, the rumor traveled far and wide enough that Urban was asked about it during an interview with the UK’s Radio X. His response speaks for itself:

This is news to me… [Laughs] Isn’t that like, ‘Oh, who do we know that can work under a helmet? Oh I know, let’s get Karl Urban, he did Dredd!’ You know, it’s like, come on guys, no.

Come on guys, indeed.

You can next see Karl Urban in the third season of The Boys, where he plays the lead role of the superhero-hating Billy Butcher. That premieres on Amazon Prime Video on June 3. As for The Mandalorian, Disney is filming the third season as we speak, but we don’t have a release date yet. Crossing fingers for this year.

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h/t ScreenRant