7 questions Raised By Wolves season 3 needed to answer

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#RenewRaisedByWolves! We still have far too many questions about HBO Max’s mind-bending sci-fi show.

Sometimes, the universe just isn’t fair. Despite being a solid show with a fascinating story, great production values and an amazing cast, HBO Max has pulled the plug on its heady science fiction drama Raised By Wolves after two seasons. Wolves was a weird show, and certainly not for everyone. But those who loved it loved it.

Beyond just the immediate sense of loss, Wolves’ cancelation stings twice as much because season 2 ended with a slew of cliffhangers. While season 1 told a relatively self-contained story that left room for a follow-up, season 2 ended much more abruptly, likely in anticipation of a third season. Creator Aaron Guzikowski was already hard at work on season 3 when HBO Max decided not to renew, per Collider. As such, there are a lot of lingering mysteries.

Personally, I’m still very much in the camp that hopes some other network will #SaveRaisedByWolves. Because there’s much more to this story. Here are seven mysteries we still need solved.

Niamh Algar and Travis Fimmel in Raised By Wolves Episode 8 – Photograph by Coco Van Oppens/HBO

Earth and Kepler-22b’s connection

One of the largest mysteries in Raised By Wolves is the exact nature of the connection between Earth and Kepler-22b. By the end of season 2, we’ve discovered that ancient humans lived on Kepler-22b, where they eventually came into conflict with Sol. And we know that those humans were devolved in order to put Sol back to sleep and keep the planet from being destroyed.

But what we don’t know is how exactly the humans from Earth fit into this equation. There are texts about Sol that reference things on Kepler-22b, like the Tree of Knowledge and the temples. More, the Romulus tooth relic that Marcus breaks while fighting the half-devolved creature below the Mithraic temple in season 2 causes it to devolve faster and die. That tooth came from Earth, which means that technology that previously existed on Kepler-22b made it there.

So did the humans on Earth originally come from Kepler-22b? And if they did, how does that fit into Grandmother’s devolution master plan, which turned Kepler-22b’s human population into sea creatures? Did some survivors escape before they could suffer that fate and make their way to Earth? Or were the humans of Earth and the ancient beings of Kepler-22b two totally separate populations that just happened to come into contact with one another?

The connection between these two planets is a huge piece of Raised By Wolves mythology, and by the time season 2 ended we were just starting to understand it.

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