All the dragons on House of the Dragon, ordered by size

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HBO is prepping a Game of Thrones prequel series called House of the Dragon. And no matter how you felt about the end of the original series, no matter how much you’re looking forward to the new one, there’s one thing we can all agree on: dragons are cool.

While this new series will differ from Game of Thrones in many ways — expect new families, new conflicts, and a new story — dragons will tie it back to the old one. House of the Dragon takes place hundreds of years before Game of Thrones, when dragons were a lot more plentiful. On Game of Thrones they had practically passed into legend, but here they’re everywhere, and their affect on society is an accepted and normal part of life.

House of the Dragon is about a war for the Iron Throne fought between rival factions of the Targaryen dynasty. The name of the war? The Dance of the Dragons. But who are the best dancers? Who are the biggest?

While much of this article is based on speculation and a good number of these dragons are unlikely to appear in the first season of the show, a thorough reading of George R.R Martin’s Fire and Blood gives one a pretty good idea of who the most formidable beasts in Westeros are at this point in time. While this list isn’t necessarily detailing the “best” dragons or even the scariest, it will attempt to tell you the BIGGEST.

In Martin’s world, usually, the older a dragon gets, the bigger they get. Who’s the most terrifying and massive monster in the upcoming series? These are the dragons we might see, arranged from smallest to largest.


Morghul is a hatchling bound to princess Jaehaera Targaryen, daughter of Aegon and Helaena. Jaehaera was not present at Kings Landing for her dragon’s death, as she had fled the city following Rhaenyra’s invasion a few years prior. Morghul is never ridden and lives the entirety of their brief life in chains.


Stormcloud is a young dragon bound to Aegon Targaryen the third, later known as King Aegon,  as well as Aegon the Unlucky, Aegon the Unbroken, and Aegon the Dragonsbane.

Aegon is a son of Rhaenyra Targaryen, one of the main characters in this drama. During the war, she sends the young Aegon and his brother to Pentos to keep them out of harm’s way. However, their ship is attacked, and Aegon manages to make it back to Dragonstone clinging to the neck of his young dragon. Stormcloud dies of multiple wounds after giving his life to bring his rider home.

Aegon never flies again after Stormcloud’s death. He also comes to hate dragons in general, which is understandable after seeing them wreak so much death and destruction during the war.


Tyraxes is special among the baby dragons because they are the only dragon that wasn’t regularly ridden by the prince to which they were bound. After losing her two eldest sons in battle, queen Rhaenyra forbade Joffrey (her youngest son) from riding his mount into war. As a result, Tyraxes was only ever used for transportation purposes and had only become capables of making long-distance trips shortly before their untimely death. Since they are kept hidden and chained, and never see battle, Tyraxes never reaches their full-grown potential.


Morning is a she-dragon with pink scales and black horns, a beautiful combination that should be an eye grabber on screen. Morning is born at the end of the Dance, too late to be used as a weapon or to factor into the conflict in any way. Given her late birth safe in the Vale, Morning is one of only four dragons to survive the war. Even more significant, Morning is the only dragon who survives that is under Targaryen control. Morning is never tested in battle but is an important uniting figure when the Dance eventually reaches a conclusion.

Morning is confined to the Dragonpit for most of her life after the dance. We know she dies, although we don’t yet know the details; those will come when George R.R. Martin releases his sequel to Fire & Blood. In House of the Dragon, we’ll likely see her as a baby.