House of the Dragon producers explain why Criston Cole snapped

The cast and crew of House of the Dragon talk through the momentous events of “We Light The Way,” including another disastrous Westeroi wedding.

Every week, the producers behind House of the Dragon break down the latest installment in the Inside the Episode feature. And there was a lot to break down this week. Below, the cast and crew hit on some of the biggest moments from “We Light The Way,” including Daemon Targaryen’s murder of his wife Rhea Royce, the arrangement between Rhaenyra Targaryen and Laenor Velaryon, Alicent’s coming out party, and the time when Criston Cole completely loses his s**t at a wedding and brutally murders a guard with his bare hands.

There’s a lot of explaining to do. Watch below:

That scene with Rhae Royce was indeed interesting. Did Daemon actually go to the Vale to kill her, or did she just assume the worst, lose control of her horse and end up paralyzed on the ground, providing Daemon with an opportunity he didn’t know he would have? The scene leaves it ambiguous.

One thing the producers don’t touch on is Larys Strong, although we see a couple of clips of him. Why did he leak the info about Rhaenrya’s birth control to Alicent? That’ll probably be a subject for another Inside the Episode feature.

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