9 periods in Westeros history perfect for another Game of Thrones spinoff

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Game of Thrones was a phenomenon for HBO. Not only was it the biggest show of the last decade, but it also made tons of money for the network. It was no surprise that HBO wanted to move quickly with another series set in Westeros. While their initial attempt — a cancelled show known as Bloodmoon — failed, House of the Dragon has pulled in astonishing numbers, living up to the success enjoyed by Game of Thrones.

But what’s next?

We know that HBO is developing several new projects set in George R.R. Martin’s World of Ice and Fire, although we don’t know how many nor which ones will actually move forward. One of the shows, called Nine Voyages or The Sea Snake, would follow Corlys Velaryon from House of the Dragon (Steve Toussaint) in his younger years during his adventures on the high seas. Corlys is central to events in House of the Dragon, so the show would essentially be a prequel to House of the Dragon as House of the Dragon is a prequel to Game of Thrones. Meanwhile, Ten Thousand Ships would follow Princess Nymeria, who left Essos with her people to settle in Dorne. That one would be set a full thousand years before Game of Thrones.

And there are many other time periods that could provide rich soil for a spinoff. So, in chronological order, let’s look at 20 more areas to explore.

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The Long Night

Unlike everything else on this list, HBO already tried to produce a show based on the Long Night, the period thousands of years ago when White Walkers came to Westeros for the first time. The $30 million Bloodmoon pilot was HBO’s first idea for a spinoff, but the network decided not to move forward.

Word is that the show was too far removed from what Game of Thrones had been. There was no King’s Landing nor any dragons. Technology would be much more primitive, and clothing and decor would all need significant updates to give a sense that the show was long before the era of Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon. There’s no doubt that the show would have been a considerable risk.

However, that’s not to say HBO shouldn’t try again, as The Long Night had massive potential. This time period is fascinating, with the First Men and the Children of the Forest still holding sway over Westeros. We could meet families like the Casterlys, who held Casterly Rock before the Lannisters.

Producers would have to decide exactly what to cover, there’s a lot in this period, everything from from the initial invasion of the First Men to the birth of the Night’s Watch and the building of the Wall. The show would also have the opportunity to feature some iconic characters from Westerosi legend such as Bran the Builder and Durran Godsgrief. And there can be little doubt that the return of the White Walkers would be a ratings winner.

With the right creative team, The Long Night could be an excellent addition to the Game of Thrones universe. However, HBO seemingly wants to play it safe, which means The Long Night, like some other entries on this list, has little chance of actually happening.