The Boys star says season 4 is “surprising for everyone”

Amazon’s subversive superhero series The Boys is always pushing the boundaries of good taste. Vulgarity is very much the show’s signature… and the story is pretty great, too.

Filming on the show’s fourth season is currently underway in Toronto. If the team wants to create scenes more gruesome than what we’ve already seen, they certainly have their work cut out for them. After the latest season treated us to the infamous “Herogasm” episode and the Termite scene, it’s hard to imagine what’s in store for us in season 4. Surely it can’t get more violent and shocking?

According to star Jessie T. Usher (who plays speedster A-Train), it just might. Speaking to Collider, teased that season 4 will take people by surprise. “I can’t say if it’s more or less. What I can say is it’s surprising. It’s surprising. It’s surprising for everyone. That’s all I can say!”

The Boys releases the Deep’s soy sauce commercial

The Boys might be between seasons, but Vought International’s YouTube channel is still coming at us with a steady flow of content. In their latest video, the Deep promotes Kirei Shoyu, a brand of soy sauce. And yes, it features a squid. It’s a terrible ad, granted, but it’s totally entertaining and has me wishing the Deep could host every commercial.

The Boys season 4 doesn’t have a release date yet. Sometime later next year seems a safe bet. And let’s not forget the spinoff, Gen V, which recently wrapped filming in Canada. The spinoff follows a group of young superheroes in a college run by Vought, each vying to become the newest member of The Seven. It will be the second spinoff in the franchise after the animated series, Diabolical, aired earlier this year.

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