Secretlab’s House of the Dragon gaming chair is fit for a king


Every king or queen must have a throne, Targaryen kings and queens most of all. Secretlab has yet to make a mobile Iron Throne, but they do make high-quality chairs, including one themed after the Targaryen rulers of yore, which is almost as good.

I’m talking about the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series House of the Dragon gaming chair, or the Secretlab House of the Dragon gaming chair for short. (Targaryens and their long titles, amirite?) This lovely seat is on sale now, and Secret Lab was kind of enough to send one to us for review!

Secretlab House of the Dragon gaming chair review

The first thing I liked about the chair was that I could put it together. I am not dextrous, so if I can follow the instructions and assemble this thing, anyone can.

As for the chair itself, it is comfortable, practical, and beautiful, sure to let everyone you know that you are prepared to tackle the day’s tasks with fire and blood, whether they involve ruling a kingdom, gaming for hours on end, or putting together spreadsheets at work.

Here’s a glossy image of what a completed House of the Dragon gaming chair looks like when backlit by the smoldering remains of your enemies, lately set aflame by dragonfire:

And here’s what it looks like after I put it together at the WinterIsComing headquarters in Chicago, IL:

Equally impressive!

The chair is comfy, with good back support, solid armrests and a cushy pillow to rest the back of your weary head on should you use; it’s detachable. It’s also easy to adjust the height and the angle of the back with a simple flick of a lever.

If you’re interested, you can check out more of Secretlab’s House of the Dragon gaming chair here. And we’ll be giving one of these away soon to a lucky winner, so watch this space!

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