Fabian Frankel is jealous he didn’t get to kiss Matt Smith on House of the Dragon

On House of the Dragon, Rhaenyra Targaryen has had rotten luck in the romance department. The first person she ever slept with was Kingsguard knight Criston Cole, a psychopathic incel who was so broken when Rhaenyra didn’t want to run away with him that he developed a grudge against her he’s still holding nearly two decades later. Meanwhile, she ended up marrying her uncle Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith), a violent man who murdered his ex-wife. Maybe she should leave both behind and let them get with each other?

According to actor Fabian Frankel, who plays Criston, it’s something he’s considered. Early on in the series, Criston defeats Daemon in single combat during a tourney, and there’s a competitive energy between them whenever they’re onscreen after that. “I remember Matt saying, ‘Maybe they’re flirting, Criston and Daemon.’ It’s funny because I thought that in private but I didn’t want to say anything in case it felt controversial,” Frankel told The Guardian.

As for Frankel personally, he’s picked up on what the rest of the House of the Dragon fandom has: “Matt’s damn sexy in this show, he’s the sexiest I’ve ever seen him.” What can we say? Dangerous men are hot.

Frankel took things even further during a recent panel at Comic Con Stockholm, where he was asked whether there was any scene he wasn’t a part of that made him jealous. “Milly [Alcock, who played young Rhaenyra] got to kiss Matt Smith,” he replied.

Frankel clearly love his castmates! For good measure, here’s a video of him embracing Rhys Ifans (Otto Hightower) for what seems like an hour on the red carpet:

An affectionate man, is Fabian Frankel.

Fabian Frankel is an impromptu art thief in the trailer for Venice At Dawn

As with Game of ThronesHouse of the Dragon is raising the profile of the actors involved. If you wanna see more of Frankel, for instance, he’s starring in a comedy called Venice at Dawn that’s coming out next month. He plays a normal guy who’s talked into stealing a valuable painting by a woman he meets in a bar.

Check out the trailer below:

Amazon Prime Video comes out on Amazon Prime Video on December 14.

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