His Dark Materials, and 3 other sci-fi/fantasy shows to watch in December

His Dark Materials. Photograph by HBO
His Dark Materials. Photograph by HBO /

2022 was a busy year for TV, particularly fantasy/sci-fi TV. We thought the fourth season of Stranger Things would be the biggest genre event of the year, but then along came the head-to-head between House of the Dragon and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. It’s been a good time!

And the year isn’t over yet. There are yet more sci-fi/fantasy programs coming down the pike in December. Let’s hit a few of the highlights!

His Dark Materials season 3: December 5 on HBO Max

The third and final season of His Dark Materials hits HBO Max on December 5. HBO has been adapting Philip Pullman’s beloved fantasy novels for a few years now, and this is the big finish.

The third season will adapt Pullman’s third book, The Amber Spyglass. It features heroes Lyra and Will going to the land of the dead, scientist Mary Malone meeting strange wheeled creatures called mulefa, and a confrontation with the Authority, who is basically god. Things are about to get weird, and then end.

Kindred: December 13 on FX on Hulu

Based on Octavia Butler’s celebrated novel, Kindred tells the story of a Black writer, Dana, who is shuttled between her like in the present and a Maryland slave plantation in the antebellum United States. Kindred has long been a celebrated book, and it’s exciting to see it get the TV treatment.

Avatar: The Way of Water: December 16 in theaters

Avatar is the highest grossing movie in history. It’s taken awhile, but the sequel, subtitled The Way of Water, is almost here.

James Cameron and company are counting on this being another huge hit. Considering how much money the studio has spent on the film, it will have to be if it has any hope of breaking even. Avatar 2 will pick up with the story of Jake Sully, the human soldier who transferred his consciousness into the body of a Na’vi alien. He now has his own Na’vi family.

The Witcher: Blood Origins: December 25 on Netflix

Netflix is going hard on its Witcher universe with a spinoff called Blood Origin. Set millennia before Geralt of Rivia came into the picture, the show stars an all-new cast and will tell an all-new story.

And that’s not even a complete list of all the genre stuff coming out this next month. There’s also Doom Patrol season 4 coming to HBO Max on December 8 and National Treasure: Edge of History premiering on Disney+ on December 14. Happy holidays!

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