Who are Will and Lyra’s daemons on His Dark Materials?

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On His Dark Materials, every character has an animal familiar called a daemon. When you’re young, your daemon changes shape — from a mouse to a tiger to a butterfly and on and on as it pleases — but when you grow older it eventually settles. It chooses one shape, which tells you something about yourself.

We’ve known Lyra’s daemon Pantalaimon, or Pan, since the beginning of the series. He’s changed shape all the time. But His Dark Materials is about growing up. Will Pan take on a permanent shape by the end of the series?

Since Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials books have been our for years, we know the answer is yes! Read on to find out how Pan settles, but beware SPOILERS.

What are the final forms of Will and Lyra’s daemons on His Dark Materials?

Let’s start with Pan. In the penultimate chapter of The Amber Spyglass, the third and final book in Pullman’s trilogy, he takes the form of a pine marten. He is red-gold in color, with a “patch of cream-white fur” on his throat. A pine marten is a long, slender-bodied mammal with sable-like fur. They’re quite cute.

The kicker is that Will gets a daemon, too. Remember that heart-wrenching scene where Lyra abandons Pan on the shore before she and Will travel to the land of the dead? Well, even though Will couldn’t see his daemon, he always had one, and it too was left behind.

We won’t Will’s daemon on the TV show for a minute yet, and when we do it can change shape just like Pan. It’s given the name Kirjava, and eventually settles as a larger-than-average cat. Her fur is multicolored, not unlike the subtle knife.

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