Finn Wolfhard thinks Stranger Things should end “where it’s appropriate”

The fifth and final season of Stranger Things is on the way! Everyone has mixed feelings about the end, including star Finn Wolfhard.

It’s a tricky thing, ending a TV show. If a show is a hit, producers want to give fans more. But give them too much and you risk outstaying your welcome or tarnishing your legacy.

Stranger Things isn’t in danger of that. The show was a hit for Netflix the moment the first season premiered in 2016, and since then it’s grown into a full-blown TV phenomenon. But the upcoming fifth season will be the show’s last, meaning the series will go out at the height of its popularity. Creators Matt and Ross Duffer have no intention of dragging this out.

Some fans may have mixed feelings about that: we want more, but we also want the show to maintain a high level of quality throughout. Speaking to Discussing Film, star Finn Wolfhard sounds like he’s being pulled in a couple different directions himself. “I try not to think about it so that I don’t go insane,” he said of the ending. “I think it’s sad but it’s necessary. It almost feels like some graduation.”

I think just for me, the most important thing is the story should end where it’s appropriate. And I think the Duffers have a good idea for the end and I still don’t know it, but yeah, I’m excited. I’m nervous, and I’m all the things. I’m all the emotions!

I think we all will be when the time comes. But that won’t be for awhile. The final season of Stranger Things hasn’t even started filming yet, and we aren’t expecting new episodes to hit Netflix until 2024.

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