Attack on Titan final season release date revealed (with a twist)

Fans of Attack on Titan have been waiting for more than a year for the conclusion to the series. Now, we finally have an update.

The final episodes of Attack on Titan will begin airing on March 4, 2023 at 12:25 a.m. JST in a “special broadcast” in Japan. However, we also learned that the final episodes will be run in two chunks. The second part will air later this year.

The announcement was accompanied by a trailer that showed Eren Yeager’s evolution from the young, innocent, wide-eyed boy to the architect of “the Rumbling” as we know him today. Have a look:

The final season of Attack of Titan will be split into two parts

The last we saw of Eren Yeager, his gargantuan Founding Titan form was lurching across Paradis Island and leading an army of Colossal Titans to Marley and the rest of the world. After protecting him for years with their lives, his closest friends were now considering an alliance with their so-called enemies in order to protect the rest of the world from Eren’s wrath.

The final arc will adapt the last nine chapters of the Attack on Titan manga. That’s not an especially long stretch, but these chapters unravel the entire story and show us what becomes of all of our favorite characters.

Studio MAPPA’s decision to divide the final part of the show in two is therefore understandable, despite discontent among the fans. MAPPA explained its decision in a statement:

Actor Yuki Kaji, who voices Eren Yeager, weighed in on Twitter. Translated into English, Kaji wrote:

Final part prequel. It became an unforgettable dubbing for the rest of my life. One more time left. It’s over.

For the rest of us, it’ll be over this year.

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