How Paddy Considine and Matt Smith made sure this great House of the Dragon moment stayed in

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For my money, the best moment from the first season of House of the Dragon comes in Episode 8, “The Lord of the Tides,” when King Viserys I Targaryen hobbles across the Iron Throne room even though he’s at death’s door, all so he can sit the throne one last time so he can support his daughter Rhaenrya’s claim.

Everything about that scene was so good; Paddy Considine’s performance as Viserys, the look Rhaenrya gives him, the bit where Viserys’ crown falls off and his brother Daemon (Matt Smith) picks it up, helps him up the stairs and puts it back on his head…tears streaming down my face, I’m telling you.

This moment was a team effort by a lot of people, but Paddy Considine and Matt Smith went above and beyond to make sure it was the best it could be. Remember the bit where Viserys’ crown falls off? That beat in particular wasn’t scripted; it just happened, but the actors rolled with it, resulting in a heartbreaking moment.

Paddy Considine didn’t trust that House of the Dragon would leave in this heartbreaking moment

But as Considine explained during an interview, that wasn’t the end of the battle. “I’ve worked with directors who would not see that as a moment,” he said. So he and Smith got together with episode director Geeta Patel to press their case for keeping the moment in.

"We were both kinda saying, ‘That’s gotta stay in, that’s an incredible moment.’ And just to make sure that it stayed in, I made sure that it fell off every single time."

"Paddy Considine talks about the crown moment between Viserys and Daemon in episode 8 : "Just to make sure that it stayed in, I made sure that it fell off every single time. I don’t trust these people!" from HouseOfTheDragon"

After a long career in film and TV, I trust Considine’s instincts when it comes to getting around potential directorial meddling. Although he did make sure to underline what a great job Geeta Patel did with the episode. “Every nuance I put into it, she picked it out, and I was just so grateful.”

The second season of House of the Dragon won’t air until 2024. Considine won’t be a part of that one, but hopefully we have more spectacular moments to look forward to.

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