Beyond The Last of Us: 5 video games that would make great TV shows

The Last Of Us Episode 2
The Last Of Us Episode 2 /
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HBO’s version of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is, hands down, the best video game adaptation yet made. It begs the question: what other games could, if adapted right, make great TV shows? Here are five timeless ones that could absolutely shine as TV series.

The Mass Effect trilogy

The Mass Effect trilogy is a respected set of games that also happens to be my favorite series of all time. This epic is set in a futuristic universe where humans and aliens coexist, traveling to and from different planets and systems though what they known as the Mass Relay. You follow the story of Commander Shepard as he (or she, as you choose Shepard’s gender) attempts to save the galaxy from a traitor who seeks to unleash an ancient evil.

Mass Effect has a complex story that plays on your emotions as well as interesting characters that you grow to care for. With the right budget, a show would be visually stunning, with gorgeous shots of deep space and all the worlds the characters would visit. It would make for a captivating TV series if done right.

Red Dead Redemption

If you liked the Wild West portion of the show Westworld, you’d love an adaptation of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption. This show could explore the lives of the outlaws and lawmen who inhabit the harsh and unforgiving land we explore in the games. With a unique mix of action, drama, and comedy, the show could also dig into the moral complexities of the characters as they deal with shootouts with rival gangs, natural disasters and more. With its beautiful visuals and gripping storylines, Red Dead Redemption could be a must-watch TV show if done correctly.