1899 star Emily Beecham auditions for House of the Dragon season 2


Work is underway on the second season of House of the Dragon! We last left off with Rhaenyra Targaryen finding out that her son Lucerys Velaryon was killed by her half-brother Aemond. This means war!

If you’ve read George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood, you know that we’re about to meet a bunch of new characters in season 2. That includes Alys Rivers, a mysterious woman who lives in the castle of Harrenhal. A bastard, Alys is thought by some to be an offshoot of the Strong family, but her true identity remains unclear. House of the Dragon will get to fill in a lot of those gaps.

Recently, Redanian Intelligence posted a two-part audition video of actor Emily Beecham auditioning for the part of Alys. These videos are getting taken down as quickly as they go up, so we recommend heading over there as fast as you can to see them.

Alys Rivers talks with Daemon Targaryen in leaked audition tape for House of the Dragon season 2

In the audition video, Alys is talking with Daemon Targaryen, who goes to Harrenhal to shore up Rhaenyra’s support as war heats up between her and her half-brother Aegon Targaryen for control of the Iron Throne. Alys says she’s the closest thing Harrenhal has to a physician, and offers Daemon a sleeping draught. This is consistent with the book, where it’s said that Alys is rumored to have mixed potions and poisons.

Throughout the audition dialogue, Alys questions Daemon’s loyalty to Rhaenyra and pokes at his ego. In the book, it’s not clear if Alys and Daemon ever meet during his stay at Harrenhal, but if they do meet, it’s said that Daemon was immune to her charms. And indeed, he doesn’t seem to be buying what she’s selling in this video.

Oftentimes actors audition with scenes written just for the occasion, so there’s no guarantee that this scene will actually be in House of the Dragon season 2. As for Emily Beecham, she’s best known for playing the lead role of Maura in the mind-bending Netflix drama 1899. That show just got canceled, so she could use a new gig. Will she show up on House of the Dragon? We’ll find out when season 2 airs sometime in 2024.

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