Bella Ramsey’s five best movie and TV roles, ranked

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Bella Ramsey plays Ellie on The Last of Us, which is heading into its season 1 finale this weekend. As Ellie, she’s watched her best friend die, crossed the country with her new surrogate dad Joel (Pedro Pascal), faced down a vicious cult leader and lived to tell the tale, and hopes to save humanity by using her immunity to a zombie virus to help synthesize a cure. She’s been busy.

Ramsey has been busy too. Ever since breaking out as Lyanna Mormont on Game of Thrones in 2016, she’s had a steady stream of work, and with The Last of Us she could be on her way to becoming an out-and-out star. If you’ve been impressed with Ramsey on The Last of Us and want to know where else to see her work, we have some suggestions.

Image: Becoming Elizabeth/Starz
Image: Becoming Elizabeth/Starz /

5. Bella Ramsey as…Jane Grey in Becoming Elizabeth

After appearing in Game of Thrones, it’s no surprise that Ramsey got offered work in a series of period dramas. One of the classiest was Become Elizabeth, a Starz series about the life of the young woman who would go on to serve as queen of England for 45 years.

Queen Elizabeth was the daughter of King Henry VIII by his second wife Anne Boleyn. Early in her life, her ascendency to the throne was far from assured, which makes for fertile ground for drama. But Ramsey doesn’t play the young Elizabeth; she plays Lady Jane Grey, considered one of the most learned women of her day who would go on to become “the nine-day queen” of England and Ireland…before being locked in a tower and eventually executed by Queen Mary Tudor.

So this isn’t an example of Ramsey with a starring role, but she’s still a valuable supporting player, and she still enlivens every scene she’s in. If you’re in the mood for a rich costume drama with lots of family friction, consider Becoming Elizabeth.