Star Wars: The Bad Batch serves up some sleepy filler in “Pabu”

The newest episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, “Pabu,” episode kicks off with Omega and the pirate Phee making a deal for an ancient artifact with a masked guy named Crowder. When the deal looks done, Crowder gives Phee a drink, which she refuses as she suspects it’s poisoned. Proving her right, Crowder then sends a deadly centipede-like creature to attack Phee, which a nearby Hunter pins to a wall with his knife. Crowder’s men draw their weapons, but Wrecker is close by and a firefight breaks out. They call Tech for a pickup and make a hasty escape from the bar with the artifact.

A New World

On the ship, a transmission from Cid comes through revealing that the Bad Batch haven’t contacted her in several weeks. Phee tells them Cid can be tough to deal with, but not someone you want to cross. Hunter admits they have no plan for what to do about Cid, so Phee tells them to come with her to a place called Pabu. Phee explains that many of the artifacts she recovers are taken back to a museum on Pabu, which is a sort of tropical city located on a massive rock-like island. Many of Pabu’s residents are refugees from the Clone Wars, and some of the artifacts Phee recovers are remnants of their destroyed cultures.

Phee introduces the crew to the mayor of Pabu, a man named Shep, and his daughter Lyana. Omega and Lyana make quick friends with each other, and Tech remarks that he hasn’t heard Omega laugh in a while. Shep explains that the Empire coming to Pabu is unlikely because of their remoteness and limited resources.

Trouble in Paradise

Shep cooks a feast for the crew; after eating it, Wrecker is full for the first time in his life. Omega and Lyana go out on a boat to watch the sunset. Lyana says that the Bad Batch can stay as long as they want, but Omega says they never stay anywhere long, which can be lonely.

During this calm, a “tremor” hits the city and knocks everyone on their butts. Tech says that Pabu is at risk of a sea surge. Hunter goes to retrieve Omega and Lyana while the rest of the group moves everyone on Pabu to higher ground. Tech and Phee set up ladders so people can get to higher ground faster.

Omega and Lyana jump off the boat before it hits some rocks. They wash up on shore as a huge tsunami wave threatens Pabu. Hunter picks them up in the ship at the last minute and everyone makes it to safety before the entire bottom of the mountain gets destroyed by the tsunami.

In the aftermath, everyone assesses it will take many months to repair the damage, but Hunter and Tech want to stay and help if Shep will have them. Shep and Phee say they are most welcome.


This was a very tame episode without much fighting, war, or anything involving the Empire. It was more focused on the emotional toll all the fighting has taken on the Bad Batch, and how they could use some rest and relaxation away from their mercenary work. Of course, danger followed the group with a tsunami wiping out the town they’ve been in for mere hours. And it looks like they’re going to stay in Pabu for the time being. I don’t expect this will last long. With only three episodes left this season, I expect this will be the final filler episode and someone will show up at Pabu to draw the group back into the fighting, whether that be Captain Rex and Echo or Delta Squad and the Empire.

Episode Grade: C+

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