Will there be The Last Kingdom season 6?

The fifth season of The Last Kingdom aired in early 2022 on Netflix. The historical fiction series, which follows Uhtred of Bebbanburg as he tries to remain his ancestral homeland, gained a passionate following over the years. Can we expect a sixth season?

The short answer is no. Netflix is not making a sixth season of The Last Kingdom, however much fans would like that.

They’re not leaving fans high and dry, though. Netflix will finish out Uhtred’s story with a movie called Seven Kings Must Die, which is due out on April 14.

Will The Last Kingdom have a season 6?

The Last Kingdom is based on the Saxon Stories novels by Bernard Cornwell. He wrote 13 in all…although some weren’t out when Netflix first started adapting the series. Back then, the plan was to adapt the first 10 of Cornwell’s novels at a rate of two books per season, and Netflix stuck to that. But by the time the TV show wrapped up, Cornwell had put out three more novels, ending Uhtred’s story once and for all with War Lord in 2020.

So what’s Netflix to do? That’s where Seven Kings Must Die comes in. The new movie will hit some of the key events from Cornwell’s final three books, although obviously it can’t go into as much detail as it could with a full season of TV (or more). Still, at the least the finale of Cornwell’s saga isn’t being ignored.

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