The Sandman reportedly adding 4 new characters for season 2

The Sandman. Tom Sturridge as Dream in episode 104 of The Sandman. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2022
The Sandman. Tom Sturridge as Dream in episode 104 of The Sandman. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2022 /

The popular Netflix series The Sandman is set to begin filming again in June, and with the return of the show comes the opportunity to expand the cast of characters.

In the first season of The Sandman, we focused on Dream of the Endless (Tom Sturridge), one of several siblings who are responsible for different aspects of the human condition. We spent a lot of time with Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) and Desire (Mason Alexander Park), as well as briefly met Despair (Donna Preston).

However, there are three other Endless siblings we have not met yet: Delirium, Destiny, and Destruction. And we should expect to see at least two of them in season 2. Then there’s Wanda, a favorite amongst fans of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman comic who should be making her onscreen debut.

Destiny, Destruction, Delirium and Wanda on the way in The Sandman season 2

What’s on Netflix reports that these four are on the way, but also warns of divergences from the book. In particular, it says there’s new stuff in the pipeline for Wanda, who in the comics is a transgender woman and the best friend of Barbie (Lily Travers). On the show, she may replace the character of Ruby DeLonge. It’s possible she’ll take on both roles.

As for Delirium, Destiny, and Destruction, they’ll probably stick a bit closer to the comics. Delirium is the youngest of the Endless, and has a childish and chaotic manner to her; Destruction is the fourth eldest of the Endless, but abandoned his realm and duties many centuries ago, preferring to live as a recluse; and Destiny is the oldest of the Endless, all-knowing and all-understanding, yet cannot inform his siblings of any of this knowledge (except when he has to) as it could risk changing the future.

Fans have a while to wait until we see these characters in action onscreen in season 2; until then, season 1 of The Sandman is available to stream on Netflix.

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