Watch Kit Harington and Rose Leslie in the short film Couples Therapy


Game of Thrones veterans Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, who are married in real life, star in a tongue-in-cheek new short film where they decry the cozy relationship between British banks and the oil industry.

Let’s back up a sec. This film, called Couples Therapy, is part of a campaign put together by filmmaker Richard Curtis, who’s best known for Love Actually (and a bunch of other movies from the golden age of romantic comedies). The campaign, called Make My Money Matter, is all about calling out High Street Banks (which basically means large British banks, so far as I can tell) for taking the money given to them by customers and using it to fund the oil and gas industries, even though those customers would rather it go towards fighting climate change.

Okay, now that we have the context, we can watch the movie. And go:

So Kit Harington is the banks and Rose Leslie is the oil industry. I wasn’t sure if the film was going to feel sanctimonious throughout but it took a funny turn towards the end. I’m not sure if I’m inspired to call up my bank and ask where my money is going but I was entertained.

Harington and Leslie were a little more clear about the message in a statement: “This is an incredibly important awareness campaign about the dangerous relationship between our banks and the fossil fuel industry. But it is more than just awareness – people really care about this – and it’s time for banks to listen and act.”

Curtis weighted in as well: “Our largest high-street banks are in a dangerous relationship with the fossil fuel industry – and it’s time we all knew about it. Such activity is not only bad for people and planet, it also runs against the wishes of millions of U.K. citizens who want their money tackling the climate crisis, not fueling the fire.”

Rory McCann (the Hound) joins Sonic the Hedgehog spinoff series about Knuckles

As long as we’re talking about what the Game of Thrones cast is up to, IGN reports that Rory McCann, who fans will remember as the Hound, has joined the cast of an upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog spinoff series coming to Paramount+. We don’t know who he’s playing.

It’s probably a human guy, though, not an animated woodland critter. If you’ve seen the Sonic the Hedgehog movies, they’re about Sonic and friends coming into the real world and mixing it up with us human beings. The spinoff is about Knuckles the echidna, who’s voiced by Idris Elba. But the show is actually about a police officer named Wade Whipple, played by Adam Pally. Wade will be Knuckles’ protege, whatever that means in this context.

And again, we don’t know who McCann will play, or when the show will premiere. We’ll keep an eye out.

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