Video: Alexander Dreymon pranked on the set of The Last Kingdom

Last week, Netflix released Seven Kings Must Die, a movie that finishes off the streamer’s medieval history series The Last Kingdom. For five seasons, viewers thrilled to the story of Uhtred, son of Uhtred, the medieval warlord who spent his life trying to reclaim his family’s castle of Bebbanburg and saved the realm a lot while he was at it. Seven Kings Must Die finally brought his journey to the end in heartbreaking fashion.

But while things might have been serious in front of the camera, there was plenty of goofing off on set. Alexander Dreymon, who played Uhtred for the length of the series, recently shared a behind-the-scenes video where his fellow castmates prank him. Or as he puts it: “DARK TRUTH REVEALED: Uhtred regularly getting bullied by his men!”

Watch below!

Video: Alexander Dreymon “bullied” on the set of The Last Kingdom

So it looks like Dreymon was taking a nap in a cart when a bunch of his costars ran up and started dragging it around the field. He adapts quickly; look how soon he started surfing on that thing!

You can see Uhtred and his companions save England again and again and again in The Last Kingdom. All five seasons plus the movie are streaming now on Netflix.

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