Bella Ramsey: Meeting Kit Harington on Game of Thrones set was “the best day of my life”


Kit Harington made an immediate impression on a young Bella Ramsey when they met for the first time on the set of Game of Thrones.

Bella Ramsey is best known these days as Ellie on The Last of Us, HBO’s new zombie apocalypse drama, but her breakout role was on Game of Thrones as Lyanna Mormont, the tiniest, most intimidating military leader any of the characters ever had the good fortune to cross paths with.

Ramsey was very young when she appeared on Game of Thrones, but commanded the screen immediately. “I started Game of Thrones…when I was 11, and I was 12 for the rest of it,” she told L’Officiel. It was obvious they had star power then, and it’s only grown clearer with each passing year.

But star power or not, Ramsey was still a kid on that set, and was a mite star-stuck to meet high-profile cast members like Kit Harington (Jon Snow). “One of my first memories was getting over there and meeting Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, for the first time. And I knew that he was Jon Snow, I knew that he was one of the big parts in it. And he just was so cool and so kind,” Ramsay recalled.

"And I remember him telling me that he liked my Dr. Martens. They were blue and red with white spots; they were my favorite things. And he complimented them, and he called me dude, and it was like the best day of my life."

Dr. Martens are a kind of shoe, if you don’t know. I was thrown off a bit because I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone call them “Doctor Marten” rather than “Doc Martens” before!

Anyway, this was an adorable story to start off your Monday. Enjoy your week!

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