The Last of Us: Bella Ramsey had “an instant connection” with Pedro Pascal

The Last of Us Episode 8
The Last of Us Episode 8 /

The first season of The Last of Us wrapped up earlier this year, but people are still talking about HBO’s zombie drama. The show took home three prizes at the MTV Movie and TV Awards this past weekend, the most of any nominee, so clearly it struck a chord with the public.

Key to the show’s success is the chemistry between the two leads: Pedro Pascal, who plays the hardened survivor Joel; and Bella Ramsey, who plays his rambunctious surrogate daughter Ellie. The two of them both got their big breaks on Game of Thrones, playing Oberyn Martell and Lyanna Mormont respectively, although their characters never crossed paths. “He did all his stuff in the warm countries, and I did mine in rainy Belfast,” Ramsey told GoldDerby. “So I think we had very different experiences, but we bonded over the fact that it was the launch pad for both of our careers.”

Despite never meeting before The Last of Us, the pair immediately connected. “I think there was an instant connection,” Ramsey said. “We really bonded from being in a car together. There’s something about being stuck in a car with someone.”

Pedro Pascal shouts out Bella Ramsey at MTV Movie and TV Awards

One of the hardest scenes the pair had to do together came in Episode 6, when Joel — fearful that his ailing body will let him down and he’ll fail Ellie out there in the zombie-infested wilderness — tries to pawn her off on his brother Tommy to get her where she needs to go. “I lost sleep over that scene,” Ramsey said. “The more that I think about the scene that I’m doing, the worse it is. The more I don’t think about it and just be in it, the better…It was nice to have that friend to lean on.”

Fans again saw how close the pair was when they accepted awards this past weekend, including for Best Duo. “If you want your golden popcorn [trophy], you have to come and get it, that way I can see you again! I miss you,” Pascal said. “I love you. You are the duo… you are me, I am you.”

“I wish Bella and I were together, and we will be soon, so stay tuned,” Pascal added, teasing The Last of Us season 2. Ramsey weighed in as well: “Me and Pedro love each other deeply. I love him, and I couldn’t imagine doing this without him.”

Meanwhile, Pascal also won the award for Best Hero…

…and accepted the show’s award for Best Show, giving some support to the striking Hollywood writers while he was at it:

The strike will likely delay filming on that second season, but hopefully we’ll still see it by 2024.

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