Rachel Brosnahan reacts to Lois Lane casting rumors

Imagine a world where Rachel Brosnahan is Lois Lane. Well, that could be a reality, according to rampant rumors spreading over the last week. Apparently, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star is on a shortlist after allegedly auditioning for James Gunn’s upcoming movie, Superman Legacy.

According to sources at The Wrap, Rachel Brosnahan is on a list of potentials alongside Sex Education’s Emma Mackey and Scream VI’s Samara Weaving. There was no denial from Gunn, but there also wasn’t a confirmation.

Luckily, Brosnahan herself addressed the rumors while on The View!

Is Rachel Brosnahan our next Lois Lane?

As actors and actresses are trained to do, Brosnahan didn’t really answer the question when asked about the Lois Lane rumors. Instead, she focused on how much she appreciated the character of Lois Lane and how exciting it could be if she was to play her.

“Look, it would be extraordinary. I grew up watching Lois Lane, this incredibly talented journalist, who is far from a damsel in distress, and I would jump at the chance if it arose,” Brosnahan said. However, she also qualified that we should take everything we hear on the internet with a grain of salt.

Suuuure, Rachel Brosnahan, whatever you say.

Based on what she had to say, I’m going to bet that the rumors of her auditioning for the role are true. You’d figure that if there was nothing at all to the story she’d just deny it, right?

According to TheWrap, Brosnahan’s audition was very strong, and the only thing that might be a problem would be her age — Brosnahan is 32 — since Gunn is looking for a younger version of Superman and presumably of Lois as well.

Personally, I think she would kill it. Hopefully, we’ll hear from Gunn himself soon enough on who will land the coveted part!

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