We asked AI to name the best fighter on The Last Kingdom, and its answer is inevitable

The Last Kingdom season 5
The Last Kingdom season 5 /

Based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon StoriesThe Last Kingdom is a historical fiction show on Netflix that follows the adventures of Uhtred, son of Uhtred, a Saxon man born in Britain but who is taken by Danes early in life and raised as one of their own. The Saxons and Danes are at war, but Uhtred is familiar with both groups, which allows him to bridge the gap when he gets older and becomes a military leader.

The Last Kingdom has an ensemble cast, with Uhtred picking up friends and enemies along his journey, including Brida, Finan and Haesten. Like HBO’s fantasy show Game of Thrones, it also had its share of large-scale medieval battle scenes in which many of these characters took part.

So who was the best fighter on The Last Kingdom? We posed this question to ChatGPT, the generative language program developed by OpenAI. Here’s what it had to say:

"In “The Last Kingdom,” a historical fiction television series based on Bernard Cornwell’s novels, there are several skilled fighters. However, Uhtred of Bebbanburg, the main protagonist, is widely regarded as the best fighter in the show. Uhtred’s exceptional combat skills, honed through years of experience and Viking upbringing, make him a formidable warrior on the battlefield. His mastery of various weapons, strategic thinking, and relentless determination contribute to his reputation as an exceptional fighter in the series."

Ask AI: Who is the best fighter on The Last Kingdom?

There’s no surprise here. There are a lot of characters on The Last Kingdom, but eventually everything comes back to Uhtred. After five seasons and a movie, he basically seems like a superhero; it’s crazy how many many important battles this guy has fought and won, despite almost never getting credit for any of it.

Incidentally, usually when you ask ChatGPT this kind of question — “Who is the best fighter on X” — it says something like, “Opinions differ on who is the best fighter,” and then gives you a list of characters. But not this time; that’s how inevitable the answer is.

It’s fun to pose these kinds of questions to the word robot. It doesn’t lack for opinions:

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