We asked AI to name the best couple on Game of Thrones, and its answer tracked


Game of Thrones isn’t a show known for its great romances, if for no other reason than because most of them end in death, heartbreak or both. But the characters kept trying to find love, and earned a lot of fans along the way.

But who what was the best couple on Game of Thrones? Well, that’s some vague criteria, but not so vague that we can’t argue about it. And to help the discussion move forward, we’ve brought in an expert: ChatGPT, the predictive language model from Open AI.

You know the drill, right? You ask ChatGPT a question, and the robot gives you a coherent answer. So, ChatGPT, who is the best couple on Game of Thrones? Pick only one couple. Give reasons:

"While opinions on the best couple in Game of Thrones vary, one frequently admired couple is Jon Snow and Ygritte. Their relationship captivated audiences due to the chemistry between the actors and the emotional depth of their storyline. Their forbidden love, set against the backdrop of the warring factions and moral complexities of the show, showcased the power of love transcending societal barriers. Jon and Ygritte’s tender moments and heartfelt dialogue made their connection feel genuine and resonated with viewers, making them a memorable and beloved couple in the series."

Ask AI: Who is the best couple on Game of Thrones?

So there you go: according to the robot, the best couple on Game of Thrones is Jon Snow and Ygritte. And sure, there are good arguments for that. The two came from different worlds, fell in love anyway, and then found themselves on opposite sides of a war. By the end of it, Ygritte was dead, and Jon had to move on having lost the love of his life. The tragedy! The drama! It’s all there.

And even though Jon and Ygritte’s love crashed and burned, the story has a happy meta ending: actors Kit Harington and Rose Leslie fell in love, got married and now have children! It’s hard to beat that, so I agree with the robot on this one.

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