The Winter King, from author of The Last Kingdom, sets U.S. release date


The Last Kingdom wrapped up its fifth and final season on Netflix last year, and finished its story with a movie, Seven Kings Must Die, earlier this year. Cornwell is one of the best writers of historical fiction around; he tends to focus on medieval history, and MGM+ is adapting another one of his best series: The Warlord Chronicles.

The Warlord Chronicles is a trilogy about King Arthur, the mythical king of the ancient Britons. All of your favorite characters from the Arthurian legend are involved, including Merlin, Lancelot, Guinevere and Arthur himself, played here by Iain De Caestecker. The show takes its title from the first book in the trilogy: The Winter King.

The book series is great and I have high hopes for the TV show. But where can you watch it? The show will air on MGM+, formerly known as Epix, the original home of shows like Godfather of Harlem and Pennyworth. You can also watch The Winter King on the streaming service of the same name. It will premiere on August 20.

The Winter King premieres on August 20 on MGM+

I want to watch The Winter King, so I wish it were available somewhere a little more mainstream, but at the end of the day I’m glad it’s being made at all.

The Winter King is a cinematic and imaginative reinterpretation of the Arthurian legend,” said MGM+ executive Michael Wright, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Kate Brooke, Ed Whitmore and the magnificent cast take viewers on a fascinating and entertaining journey through this timeless tale told through a new lens.”

Executive producer Julie Gardner also weighed in: “It’s long been Bad Wolf’s ambition to bring the Arthurian legend to the screen. It’s a story of courage, sacrifice and passion that has endured for generations. With Bernard Cornwell’s trilogy as our North Star, we are honored to be on this quest with our wonderful partners at MGM+, ITVX and Sony Pictures Television.”

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