Emma D’Arcy and Bella Ramsey give fun joint interview


Two of HBO’s biggest new stars — House of the Dragon’s Emma D’Arcy (Rhaenyra Targaryen) and The Last of Us’ Bella Ramsey (Ellie) — sat down for a joint interview with British Vogue. They didn’t talk deeply about their roles, their personal lives, or their art, but they did play a fun little game of “Never Have I Ever,” complete with custom ping-pong paddles. Watch below!

Some things you are free to take away from this interview:

  • Bella Ramsey is down to get a Last of Us tattoo (Ellie’s knife, FYI); Emma D’Arcy, meanwhile, might get a tattoo if everyone else in the cast wanted to do it.
  • Bella Ramsey has met her celebrity crush but won’t say who it is. “And we’re like friends now.” D’Arcy has “loads” of celebrity crushes, “but I don’t really like meeting people.”
  • Both actors have embarrassed themselves on set. “It’s such an embarrassing job,” D’Arcy mused. “I think embarrassment’s incredibly honest…You can trust embarrassment.”

Overall, Ramsey comes off like a pretty standard, sociable teenager while D’Arcy is a bit more reclusive. Or as they put it, “I learned that I’m ill-suited to game-based interviews.” Relatable all the way down.

Emma D’Arcy would love to do more stunts on House of the Dragon: “Give me the chance”

The closest the pair come to talking about their HBO gigs is when they discuss whether they’ve ever gotten hurt doing a stunt. Ramsey got a black eye on the set of The Last of Us. “I got hit in the eye by a dying zombie.”

D’Arcy, on the other hand, can’t claim anything similar. “I’ve literally never had the chance. Give me the chance,” they said.

It’s true that Rhaenyra Targaryen doesn’t mix it up as much as Ellie. Rhaenyra is the hopeful queen of Westeros, and as such spends most of her time hatching plans with her advisors over a huge map. We can expect her to do more of that in the upcoming second season of House of the Dragon.

If D’Arcy is going to sustain an injury during a stunt, it’ll probably be from riding out of those big dragon rigs. We’ll see what happens when House of the Dragon returns in the summer of 2024. As for The Last of Us season 2, filming is being put off until the Hollywood writers strike is resolved.

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