Check out the cover for Patrick Rothfuss’ new book The Narrow Road Between Desires

Patrick Rothfuss, the author of the bestselling The Kingkiller Chronicle series, is releasing his first new book in almost a decade later this year. The Narrow Road Between Desires is a standalone novella which follows fan-favorite character Bast as he goes about his daily mischief.

The announcement that this book was on the way produced a predictable divide between those fans who are tired of waiting for Rothfuss’ long-delayed third book in his trilogy, The Doors of Stone, and those who are just excited to read anything new from the author. But we’re not here to weigh in on that debate; we’re here to ogle cover art!

Fantasy and sci-fi site has just revealed the cover for The Narrow Road Between Desires, and it’s pretty beautiful. Check it out:

The Narrow Road Between Desires by Patrick Rothfuss. Image courtesy of DAW Books.

New Kingkiller Chronicle novella The Narrow Road Between Desires cover pays homage to The Lightning Tree!

The cover artwork for The Narrow Road Between Desires is very much in keeping with the aesthetic of the rest of Rothfuss’ Kingkiller series. It features an image of the lightning tree, where Bast makes fae deals with those who seek him out.

The Narrow Road Between Desires is a new version of Rothfuss’ 2014 novella titled The Lightning Tree, which was published in the Rogues cross-genre anthology from George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois. It’s nice to see the namesake from the original novella proudly displayed in the cover artwork for this new edition of the tale!

We also got an updated synopsis for the book:

Bast knows how to bargain. The give-and-take of a negotiation is as familiar to him as the in-and-out of breathing; to watch him trade is to watch an artist at work. But even a master’s brush can slip. When he accepts a gift, taking something for nothing, Bast’s whole world is knocked askew, for he knows how to bargain—but not how to owe.

From dawn to midnight over the course of a single day, follow the Kingkiller Chronicle’s most charming fae as he schemes and sneaks, dancing into trouble and back out again with uncanny grace.

The Narrow Road Between Desires is Bast’s story. In it he traces the old ways of making and breaking, following his heart even when doing so goes against his better judgement.

After all, what good is caution if it keeps him from danger and delight?

The Narrow Road Between Desires releases on November 14 from DAW Books.

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