Bella Ramsey shares pics from behind the scenes of The Last of Us: “I miss it”

The Last of Us premiered earlier this year on HBO to huge acclaim. The show revolves around Ellie and Joel, two survivors of a zombie apocalypse who must make their way across a ruined United States.

The relationship struck a chord with viewers, and we can’t wait to see more of these two in the second season. Unfortunately, that’s probably going to take a while. The Last of Us is a hard show to make in the best of circumstances, and there’s basically no movement happening at all right now since both writers and actors in Hollywood are on strike.

So what are fans to do in the meantime? Bella Ramsey, who plays Ellie, is here to tide us over for a few minutes with some behind-the-scenes pictures from the first season of the show:

“I miss u,” Pedro Pascal tells The Last of Us costar Bella Ramsey

“I miss it,” Ramsey wrote on Instagram. Us too. Adorably, her costar Pedro Pascal, who plays Joel, also chimed in: “I miss u.”

Ramsey and Pascal struck up a close working relationship on the set of The Last of Us, and that warmth has helped the series become a hit. The sooner the studios and the unions can come to a fair deal, the sooner we can have them back on our screens.

Assuming things get resolved within a reasonable amount of time — say the next few months — I’d say our best bet is that we’ll be watching The Last of Us season 2 sometime in 2025.

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