Percy Hynes White reportedly written out of Wednesday season 2 following sexual misconduct allegations

Wednesday, a Netflix show about the titular member of the Addams Family, premiered late last year and quickly became a monster hit. Percy Hynes White starred alongside Jenna Ortega as Xavier Thorpe, Wednesday’s love interest.

In January of this year, allegations of sexual impropriety against White spread on social media, where he was accused of pursuing sexual relationships with girls as young as 13 when he was between 17 and 20. Now, according to The Daily Mail, he’s been written out of the upcoming second season of Wednesday.

This comes from “a source close to the family,” who does not think that the allegations against White are accurate. “For Netflix to drop him from the show is a disgrace. It was just false rumors. It’s just not right,” the source said.

Wednesday star Percy Hynes White denies sexual misconduct allegations

White, for his part, has also denied the allegations. “The rumors are false,” he wrote in an Instagram Live post. “I can’t accept the portrayal of me as someone bigoted, or criminally negligent of people’s safety.”

These are the kind of baseless, harmful claims that can create mistrust toward victims. It’s very distressing to know that this misinformation has upset people.

Netflix hasn’t confirmed whether they’ve actually written White’s character out of the second season of Wednesday. Hollywood writers have been on strike since May of this year, so I don’t know how they could have written anyone out of anything, although it could have happened before the strike began.

There’s no release date for Wednesday season 2 as of yet.

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