English actor Steven Pacey is Gunthor Darklyn in House of the Dragon season 2

The cast of House of the Dragon continues to grow. Reliable fansite Redanian Intelligence brings us the news that English actor Steven Pacey will play the role of Gunthor Darklyn, the lord of Duskendale.

Pacey has appeared on TV shows like Blake’s 7, but is best known for his work in theaters; he was nominated for an Olivier Award (basically an Oscar but for British theater) for his role in a production of the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical By Jeeves. This fits a pattern of House of the Dragon casting actors known for their stage work. We’re looking for drama, people. Energy! Energy!

As for Gunthor Darklyn, who has a bit of an unwieldy name, his story will be familiar to anyone who has read George R.R. Maritn’s book Fire & Blood. Let’s get into it, but beware SPOILERS below.

Steven Pacey will play the Lord of Duskendale in House of the Dragon season 2

Duskendale is a port town northeast of King’s Landing. At the time of House of the Dragon, House Darklyn rules over this place.

At the start of House of the Dragon season 2, we’re at the inception of the Dance of the Dragons, the brutal civil war fought between Rhaenyra Targaryen on the one hand and her half-brother Aegon Targaryen on the other. Both of them want the Iron Throne but only one of them can have it. There will be blood.

At this point in the story, noble families in Westeros start declaring for one side or the other. Those who follow Rhaenyra are known as the blacks while those who swear allegiance to Aegon are called the greens. House Darklyn join the blacks, although they might regret that.

At some point in House of the Dragon season 2 — probably not very far in — King Aegon II Targaryen and his Lord Commander of the Kingsguard Criston Cole will leave King’s Landing to attack the towns who had sworn loyalty to Rhaenyra. They take the a couple of castles bloodlessly, but Gunthor Darklyn decides to dig in and hold out. The greens sack the town of Duskendale and behead Lord Darklyn for treason.

After taking Duskendale, the green army moves on to the castle of Rook’s Rest, which is the site of a huge battle scene; we’ve seen them film a lot of it. But first, Lord Gunthor Darklyn will have to fall.

Fun fact: long after the Dance of the Dragons, House Darklyn will be wiped out by none other than Tywin Lannister and the Mad King Aerys Targaryen. But we won’t see any of that in the second season of House of the Dragon, which is due out on HBO and Max sometime in 2024.

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