Jack Quaid gave wholesome advice to the cast of The Boys spinoff Gen V

The Boys - Episode 303 - “Barbary Coast” Courtesy Prime Video
The Boys - Episode 303 - “Barbary Coast” Courtesy Prime Video /

Later this month, the first live-action spinoff of Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys will premiere. Titled Gen V, the show follows a group of young Supes attending a superhero college run by Vaught International, where they battle it out to become the next member of the Seven, the world’s most famous superhero team.

Before Gen V hits our screens, Jack Quaid — who plays Hughie Campbell on the mothership show — reached out to the cast to offer them some wholesome advice. As a key character in the original series, there’s no one better than Quaid to offer newcomers a primer on what to expect.

Speaking to SFX Magazine, Gen Z star Jaz Sinclair (who plays Marie Moreau) explained that Quaid reached out to her. “He was just like, ‘Stay a family, stay a team. This is where it’s at. If you guys have each other, you’ll get through this. So, don’t lose sight of that.’ This is the real family, you know, talking about the cast and, like, really being unified. And I value that because you can feel that when they’re together.”

We already know that Gen V is going to tie in heavily with The Boys season 4. Perhaps Quaid and Sinclair will share the screen at some point!

Gen V feels the same as The Boys

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Amazon Prime Video executive Vernon Sanders revealed that the studio is fully committed to the development of The Boys universe. “I think part of the thing that audiences love is that they’re taking the piss out of all of the exhaustive superhero explorations that we’ve seen and turning it all on its head,” he said. “But I actually think they’ve done it so well that they have earned the right to expand and explore.”

He says Gen V will be unique in its own way, but it won’t be too different from the vulgar, gruesome and satirical main show. “So, the same irreverence that The Boys has is in Gen V. And at the same time that we are definitely growing the universe, we’re also unafraid to make fun of ourselves in doing it.”

Gen V is the first live-action spinoff of The Boys. Last year we got The Boys Presents: Diabolical, an animated anthology series. Amazon is clearly keen to expand the franchise.

Gen V premieres on Friday, September 29 on Amazon Prime Video.

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