Star Trek: Lower Decks “could very well be a five-season show”

Image: Star Trek: Lower Decks/Paramount+
Image: Star Trek: Lower Decks/Paramount+ /

Trekkies have been eating well these past several years. Star Trek: DiscoveryStar Trek: PicardStar Trek: Strange New Worlds…there have been tons of new series coming out on Paramount+, including the very charming animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks, about some of the red shirts who labor to keep the ships in the sky while heroes like Kirk and Picard hog all the glory.

But there’s been trouble on the final frontier lately. Star Trek: Prodigy, another animated series — this one aimed more at kids — was canceled back in June. Star Trek: Picard wrapped after three seasons and Star Trek: Discovery is due to wrap after five. There are still lots of Star Trek projects in development, including a show about Section 31 and another set at Starfleet Academy, but things are thinning out a bit.

And that apparently doesn’t sit well with Lower Decks showrunner Mike McMahan, who sounded uneasy about the future of his show when speaking to Cinema Blend. “Yeah, I mean, listen, we’re in weird times,” he said. “Everything is changing. I think everything’s gonna continue to change. I would say nothing is safe.”

Is Star Trek: Lower Decks ending? “I would say nothing is safe”

McMahan clarified that while he didn’t have any explicit “bad news” to report, he doesn’t sound super-hopeful, either. “I think you shouldn’t assume that this stuff is gonna stick around unless you vocally [watch] and watch it early on,” he said. “I do not know if we’re going to have another season after the season we’re working on right now [Season 5]. Lower Decks could very well be a five-season show.”

"So, if you love Lower Decks as much as I do, I would say make sure to watch it and get people to watch it now. A letter writing campaign after a show gets canceled, it’s helpful, but what’s more helpful is campaigning to get more eyes on the show when it’s airing because it gives me the ability to push for more seasons. I would love to finish Lower Decks with the plan that I have for it. I would say, take Prodigy looking for a new [network], and take a look at Picard being wrapped at Season 3, and at Discovery wrapping as well. I would say read those as signs that if you want more Lower Decks, you should be vocal about it now and not wait."

The fourth season of Lower Decks is airing on Paramount+ right now. And as McMahan said, they’re working on a fifth season. Honestly, I think that if a show gets to have five seasons, it’s lived a decently long life. There’s no shame in going out with five seasons under your belt. But if you Trekkies out there want more, take McMahan’s advice and raise your voices loud enough for the execs at Paramount to hear.

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