Star Trek: Lower Decks review, Episode 407: “A Few Badgeys More”

Image: Star Trek: Lower Decks/Paramount+
Image: Star Trek: Lower Decks/Paramount+ /

Star Trek: Lower Decks season 4 is finally closing in on its Big Bad in Episode 407, “A Few Badgeys More.” So what do we know so far? A mysterious, badge-shaped ship has been vaporizing various vessels across the quadrant: Klingon, Orion, Romulan, Ferengi. There is some level of collusion between the enemy ship and at least one Ferengi.

Somewhere in the Kalla System (where the big Pakled v Federation battle occurred in season 1), A Drookmani ship is sifting through salvaged debris. They find Rutherford’s eyepiece (there was a post-credits scene in season 3 where it was beamed up, in case you’ve forgotten). And along with it: none other than evil AI Badgey.

Now we can add Bynars to the list of ships destroyed. It’s up to the Cerritos to investigate. However, Boimler and Tendi are instead headed to Earth and the Daystrom Institute, where they will be meeting Agimus and Peanut Hamper respectively. Agimus claims to have knowledge of the Bynar attack (but is probably up to some mind games) while Peanut Hamper is up for parole. Boimler and Tendi make an unusual pairing, but it makes sense given the various nefarious robots involved. This season is doing its best to send the LD crew where they haven’t been before (and also right back to pivotal locations from earlier seasons).

It’s clear to the audience that Agimus and Peanut Hamper are up to something, as we see them plotting in the garden. Peanut Hamper is faking contrition to make parole, and Agimus is faking a “good robot” blue light. Boimler is on to Agimus’ tricks, but he’s willing to entertain the plot in order to get information for Starfleet. At every turn, it looks like the machines have the upper hand, but the humans are two steps ahead at all times. Even when an innocent planet is subjugated, Boimler remains convinced that the Federation could undo it easily.

Humans vs robots vs cute nicknames

When the Cerritos arrives in the Kalla System, Badgey is none too pleased to see his “father” Rutherford. Rutherford and Mariner beam over to the Drookmani ship in the hopes of preventing Badgey from boop-ing the Cerritos to death. What commences is a battle of wits between the evil computer program and its creator. Rutherford tricks Badgey’s good side (GOODgey) into splitting apart from BADgey, and later LOGICey separates as well. It seems like this little joke could have gone further.

Ultimately, BADgey connects to the Federation subspace network and ascends to digital-godhood. Once he becomes the Galactic Koala, there’s no more point in revenge. Meanwhile, Peanut Hamper was only faking faking contrition. She really has turned away from evil. However, Agimus is returned to robot jail. It sounds like he might have chosen to rehabilitate, but we’ll see.

The final reveal is that the ships thought to have been destroyed were really stolen. Who would go to so much trouble to make the Federation think that they were destroyed? And what is the Ferengi connection? It seems convenient that they just petitioned to apply to join the Federation, citing a need for Federation resources. Could it be that they’ve already been quietly acquiring those resources?

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