Pre-order The Expanse complete series Blu-ray, with 15 discs!


Over the course of six seasons and two networks, The Expanse became one of the most respected and beloved sci-fi series on the air. An adaptation of The Expanse novels by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (writing together as James S.A. Corey), the show told an epic science fiction series that still kept things grounded, with complicated characters and just enough hard science to maintain a veneer of realism.

The show ended in 2022 with season 6. And now, The Expanse: The Complete Series is coming out! On November 4, fans will get to watch over 47 hours of The Expanse, complete with special features.

The Expanse: The Complete Series is available to preorder now, and at $79.89, it’s a pretty good deal! According to, we’re likely to see a discount before the release date. And keep in mind that fans who pre-order will get the lower rate offered.

Will there ever be a seventh season of The Expanse?

Who knows? If the complete series sells well enough, maybe The Expanse producers will be convinced to adapt the rest of the novels. There are nine Expanse books in all, but the show has only adapted the first six…so far.

The sixth book, Babylon’s Ashes, concludes in a way that could serve as an ending. The seventh book, Persepolis Rising, opens after a lengthy time jump. Showrunner Naren Shankar has said that he, Abraham and Franck would love to do more if the interest is there:

"I think from the standpoint of just the pure creative, I think what we tried to do at least was come to a satisfying conclusion of a huge chunk of the story while leaving the door open for more if the appetite and the desire is there. I’m certainly not betraying any confidence to say that Ty, Daniel and I — speaking for ourselves — would love to do it. It would be a remarkable thing to complete the whole book series that way. And I certainly hope we get to do it."

And nothing encourages studios to revisit a property like a lot of people spending money on it. So if you’re so inclined, The Expanse: The Complete Series is on sale now.

The Expanse comic will continue the story after season 6. dark. Next

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