WiC Weekly: October 29-November 4

Image: House of the Dragon/HBO
Image: House of the Dragon/HBO /

We know (more or less) when House of the Dragon season 2 is coming, Invincible is back, Marvel is (allegedly) falling apart, and more!

Another week, another precise catalog of all the biggest news to come out of the worlds of fantasy, sci-fi, movies, TV and books. Let’s start with a stroll through the history of the greatest fantasy show of our time, Game of Thrones:

Speaking of Game of Thrones, cast member Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) has some thoughts:

The Wheel of Time co-author Brandon Sanderson still has something to say about Amazon’s Wheel of Time TV show:

Amazon’s superhero show Invincible is back and good as ever:

We’re hearing some wild rumors about House of the Dragon season 2:

We’re also hearing some very solid information about it:

And now we indulge in another round of, “Why is The Winds of Winter taking so long to write?”

There’s a new Percy Jackson book in the works and a TV show on the way. If you want to get into Rick Riordan’s book series, where should you start?

Turning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what is going on with that place?

Finally, we asked AI to come with 10 ideas for Game of Thrones spinoffs. Why? Because we could:

And that’s literally everything that happened this past week. To find out what will happen next week, stick around WinterIsComing.net!

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