WiC Weekly: November 5-11


The Marvels comes out! Loki ends strong! So does Attack on Titan! Zelda movie! Other stuff! WiC didn’t lack for news this week.

We’re back with another thrilling edition of WiC Weekly, where we run down the hottest and hippest stories from the past week, so long as as they relate to sci-fi, fantasy, movies and TV, which are the hottest and hippest topics around.

To start, we have a whopper of a reading recommendations list for you as November gets underway. It’s autumn. Time to curl up with a good book:

The Winter King, based on Bernard Cornwell’s wonderful Warlord Chronicles books, has wrapped up its first season. How’d it go?

Speaking of finales, after nearly a decade on the air, the hugely popular anime Attack on Titan has finally wrapped up:

David Tennant is returning as the Doctor on Doctor Who! But it won’t be quite like it was the last time around:

Game of Thrones is several years over. But the controversies it inspired will ring in our ears always.

There are more Star Trek shows on the air now that at pretty much any point in the past. And it may just be the beginning:

Nintendo is making a live-action Legend of Zelda movie! We have thoughts:

Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, the authors behind The Expanse series, are back with a new book trilogy:

We rank every Marvel movie yet made, including the newly released The Marvels:

Finally, Netflix dropped a trailer for its live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender remake. It looks pretty good. Dare we hope?

We’ll have more news, more editorials, and more interviews all next week! Stick around.

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