5 House of the Dragon characters you should invite to Thanksgiving (and 3 you shouldn’t)

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King Aegon II Targaryen: The overall asshole

Consider, if you will, the idea of inviting Aegon II to your Thanksgiving feast without gagging or flinching.

Sure, he may be the


ruler of the realm, but beware the potential pitfalls that come with hosting this overall royal headache. With a demanding demeanor and an insatiable thirst for power, Aegon II would try to make things about them when they should be all about the turkey.

Imagine the chaos as he attempts to turn our cozy family gathering into a royal court, complete with proclamations and policy debates right in the middle of dessert. Who needs to hear all of that when all they really want is a peaceful and enjoyable Thanksgiving meal? Best to spare ourselves the headaches and keep the feast focused on joy, gratitude, and pumpkin pie.

Image: House of the Dragon/YouTube
Image: House of the Dragon/YouTube /

Alicent Hightower: A snake until proven innocent

Consider this a fair warning: inviting Alicent Hightower to any Thanksgiving gathering would be like expecting a slice of sweet apple pie only to discover it’s rotten.

While she might be a master of intrigue and politicking, her knack for schemes and manipulation can be a real buzzkill at a festive feast. We’re all about seconds and thirds here, not heaping helpings of drama.

Alicent’s reputation for being a bit of a snake might leave our guests more uneasy than satisfied. I am all for interesting characters, but let’s leave the plotting and scheming for the drama series; our turkey doesn’t need any extra seasoning of deception.