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The first four episodes of Invincible season 2 have aired on Amazon Prime Video, and they were mostly spectacular. We finally got a peak into the large-scale events going on in this universe, Mark’s growth as a hero continued, and we were reunited with a certain mustachioed jerk by the name of Omni-Man.

I wouldn’t categorize any episode in this batch as “bad” because all of them generally held my attention and entertained me. That being said, some were definitely better than others, so let’s rank them all from worst to best while we wait for the rest of season 2 to drop in early 2024.

Image: Invincible/Amazon Prime Video
Image: Invincible/Amazon Prime Video /

4. Episode 202: “In About Six Hours I Lose My Virginity to a Fish”

The weakest episode so far has been Episode 2, where Mark has to travel to Atlantis to receive Omni-Man’s punishment for killing their king, Aquarus. Aquarus was one of the several members of the Guardians of the Globe that Omni-Man murdered in the first episode of the series, and now that he’s gone, Atlantean culture demands that his son be punished in his place. The punishment in question? Fight an enormous undersea monster.

The title of this episode refers to something Mark says to Cecil in the Invincible comics by Robert Kirkman. In addition to fighting the giant monster, in the comics, the Atlanteans want Mark to marry their queen and make love to her in front of their entire population. Talk about pressure. Fortunately for TV-show Mark, all he has to do is fight a sea monster.

During their fight, the monster blasts Mark with a screeching sound wave that disorients him for a bit, which Cecil takes note of in case he has to use this weakness against him later.

Meanwhile, Atom Eve helps rebuild Chicago and finds out that Omni-Man’s rampage resulted in her dad losing his job. When she tries to help her parents by creating food and gold for them to sell, her dad calls her dangerous and rejects her powers. Eve also learns a harsh lesson about her powers when she tries to build a park on an empty lot, which ends up collapsing and hurting dozens of people because the ground was unstable.

This episode further drives home the immense damage Omni-Man left on not only the world, but his family. His wife is coping by drinking. At one point she breaks down crying after tearing a cabinet door off the wall. The pressure of being the world’s best superhero has fallen fully onto Mark’s shoulders, and he is now Cecil’s go-to guy when planet-threatening events pop up.