The Walking Dead vet Chandler Riggs is Peter Parker in Spider-Man horror movie!

Image: AMC/Jace Downs
Image: AMC/Jace Downs /

Former The Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs is returning to our screens in a most peculiar role. The actor will portray Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, in an upcoming horror fan movie helmed by acclaimed producer of fan films Andy Chen!

In a TikTok released by Chen, we get our first look at Riggs as Parker. In the behind-the-scenes clip, he’s discovering his power as the web-slinger, noticing that he can climb his bedroom walls and shoot webs. The TikTok has since racked up an impressive four million views and gone viral on Twitter.

This clip shows a very charming, fun and innocent moment, but don’t be fooled; this is indeed being marketed as a horror movie. Chen had the idea for a Spider-Man horror movie following the success of his Shrek fan film, titled Fiona. “I had this idea to make a horror Spider-Man fan film soon after my Shrek horror film blew up,” he wrote on Instagram. “Look out for this one!!! It’s going to be the most insane one yet!!!”

He shared some further first-look images of the project. It looks pretty amazing. See for yourself:

Chandler Riggs previously auditioned for Spider-Man!

Before Tom Holland was cast as Spider-Man, he faced competition in the form of Chandler Riggs, who was riding high from the success of playing Carl Grimes in The Walking Dead. Riggs had a lot going for him: he was a central character in a huge franchise and was the right age to play Parker. Sadly, he was beaten to the role by Holland, and the rest is history.

“I didn’t even get a call back. I just auditioned for it, and it’s fine,” Riggs previously said, via Comic Book.

The upcoming Spider-Man fan film may not be official, but at least Riggs has the chance to give us a glimpse of what could’ve been. We’re very excited to see it!

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