All 9 Titans from Attack on Titan, ranked by strength and abilities

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The story of Attack on Titan revolves around the unique abilities of the Nine Titans. It is established in the very first episode that the powers of the Titan shifters significantly overshadow the mindless brutality of the Pure Titans, even if we didn’t know what a Titan shifter was at the time.

At some point after Ymir died and her remains were — quite horrifically — fed to her three daughters, Maria, Rose, and Sheena, the Founding Titan’s powers were split and the Nine Titans were created. The strengths of the Titans may seem random, but they are carefully crafted for warfare and each has its own standout abilities.

There are some rules that apply unanimously to all of them. For example, anyone who inherits one of the Nine Titans will only live for 13 years after getting the powers. If the shifter is not eaten by another Pure Titan, the powers get transferred to the first Eldian baby who is born. How a Titan’s power manifests often depends on the individual shifter.

Following are all the Nine Titans from Attack on Titan ranked according to their overall strength:

Image: Attack on Titan
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9) The Cart Titan

The Cart Titan is in no way a weak link, but it can be considered the weakest of the Nine. Held by Pieck Finger for the run of the show, the Cart isn’t built for direct combat or known for its overpowering strength. However, it has its own set of unique abilities. Walking on four legs, the Cart is excellent for logistics purposes, which is how it got its name. It can also cover great distances at a quick speed, all the while carrying weapons and humans on its back.

We see Pieck regularly acting as a literal cart for Marley, carrying around supplies, ammunition, and even a machine gun turret on her back. In the finale, Pieck talks about another ability of the Cart Titan: its near-limitless durability. The other Titan shifters are often seen getting exhausted by using their powers and cannot transform unless their energy is replenished. But we see Pieck transform repeatedly in the Battle of Heaven and Earth and take down multiple zombified Titans. She tells Jean how the Cart Titan is not only meant for “odd jobs” but can be equally helpful in warfare.

Image: Attack on Titan
Image: Attack on Titan /

8) The Jaw Titan

As the name suggests, the Jaw Titan’s biggest asset is its mandibles. The Jaw can rip and destroy any material with its sharp teeth, including Titan hardening. The ability kind of backfires on the shifter when Eren Yeager uses the Jaw to crack the War Hammer’s crystalline hardening and swallow Lara Tybur during the Raid on Liberio.

We see four shifters wield the Jaw’s powers throughout Attack on Titan: Marcel, Ymir, Porco and Falco. We don’t really see Marcel much in his Jaw form, but both Ymir and Porco have small bodies that make their Titans more vulnerable to larger and heavier threats. But it also makes their Jaw incredibly speedy and agile. Falco, meanwhile, was granted the special ability to fly, possibly because he was transformed into a Pure Titan using Zeke Yeager’s spinal fluid. His ability comes in quite handy during the final battle.