All 9 Titans from Attack on Titan, ranked by strength and abilities

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Image: Attack on Titan
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7) The Female Titan

The Female Titan has a set of very distinct abilities. It can mimic some of the attributes of other Titans, including scream-summoning the Pure Titans, which is somewhat similar to what Zeke’s Beast Titan can do. It can also harden parts of its body, such as the nape to protect the shifter, arms to land a hard punch, or its entire body, providing the shifter is willing to encase themself in a crystallized shell.

In Attack on Titan, we see only one shifter — Annie Leonhart — wield the powers of the Female Titan. So we can’t say for sure if a different shifter would bring other abilities to the front. But back when Annie was still an antagonist, her Female Titan was notorious for her ruthless combat abilities. It took humanity’s strongest soldier — Levi Ackerman — to take her down after she decimated the Scouts in their mission beyond the wall.

Attack on Titan
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6) The Beast Titan

The Beast Titan brings a terrible amount of brute strength to the table, but Attack on Titan makes it hard to separate the Titan’s powers from those of Zeke’s. From the boulder barrage to the transformative power of its spinal fluid, almost everything we see the Beast do in the anime (or the manga) is largely attributed to its shifter.

Physically speaking, the Beast Titan can manifest any animal. Zeke’s mentor Tom Ksaver looked like a bighorn sheep in his Beast Titan form. The two bonded over playing catch, which is the origin of Zeke’s choice of weapon. Zeke’s version of the Beast looks like a giant ape. He singlehandedly massacred the Scouts at the Battle of Shiganshina and killed Erwin Smith with the bombardment. It once again took Levi Ackerman to stop the rampage.

As for transforming humans who have consumed his spinal fluid into Pure Titans, that ability comes not from Zeke’s Titan form but the royal blood from his mother, Dina Fritz. If we consider Zeke as the singular representative of the Beast, this Titan gets as formidable as they come.

Image: Attack on Titan
Image: Attack on Titan /

5) The Armored Titan

The Armored Titan’s strength lies in its hardening. It has multiple layers of hardened skin covering its entire body like armor, protecting all the major organs but leaving out the parts required for movement. The Armor can protect the Titan’s body and its shifter from a significant amount of damage, including the blast from the Colossal Titan’s transformation. It can break down any reasonably big structure on impact.

But it has its limitations. We saw the Armor falter against Mid-East Allied Forces’ anti-Titan artillery. It is weak in the parts not protected by the Armor and can be targeted by pin-pointed attacks. The bulkiness of the Titan also affects its speed and movement, which is sometimes evident in the battles against the Attack Titan.

However, it is Reiner Braun’s unbreakable strength of will (and perhaps some plot armor, since he’s Hajime Isayama’s favorite character) that lends the Armored Titan we saw in Attack on Titan its personality. Despite coming close to dying or giving up multiple times, Reiner continues to bounce back and hold his ground throughout the story.