All 9 Titans from Attack on Titan, ranked by strength and abilities

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2) The Attack Titan

On the surface, the Attack Titan is not that impressive when compared to some of the other Titans. As the name suggests, it is bred for attacking the enemy. Lean and muscular, the Attack Titan is huge but still agile and is capable of hardening parts of the body, very similar to the Female Titan. Its abilities are as good as the shifter’s when it comes to combat. We see Eren show off the versatility of the Attack Titan throughout the four seasons of the show. However, its true power lies in its ability to see through time: the past, the present, and the future.

All Nine Titans can inherit the memories of the former shifters, but only the Attack Titan can see things that are yet to happen. Eren owning the Attack Titan becomes pivotal to the story, as it helps him see the future and close the loop of time. The catastrophes of Attack on Titan aside, the ability of foresight is an incredible gift if the shifter can learn to wield it at will. With a smart mind and strong hands, which Armin and Mikasa could’ve been for Eren in a different world, the Attack Titan could be almost unbeatable on the battlefield.

1) The Founding Titan

The numero uno spot had to be reserved for the one that started it all: the Founding Titan. Originally held by Ymir, this Titan is the manifestation of the Founder’s powers, which include creating and controlling any Titan and manipulating the minds and memories of the Eldian race. This cocktail of powers makes the Founding Titan nearly omnipotent in the world of Attack on Titan, easily making it the strongest in the series.

After Ymir, the Founding Titan is passed down the king’s family line and its powers can only be activated when the shifter comes in contact with someone of royal blood. Frieda Reiss was the last royal wielder of the Titan before the power was taken by Grisha Yeager and eventually passed to his son Eren. Although massive in their own rights, Ymir or Frieda’s Founding Titans pale in comparison to Eren’s Doomsday Founding Titan form that we see in the final stretch of the show. Ironically, despite the size, Eren’s Founding Titan is completely incapable of defending itself, which is possibly a testament to his willingness to die at the hands of Mikasa.

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