Democracy is in danger in the first trailer for The Boys season 4


Amazon Prime Video has dropped a new trailer for The Boys season 4, the next installment of its subversive, gleefully profane superhero show. We’re a million miles from Marvel and DC and we couldn’t be happier.

The main threat on The Boys is Homelander, a cripplingly insecure, psychopathic superhero who wants two things: for everyone to love him and to kill anyone who so much as looks at him funny. How will he accomplish these seemingly incompatible goals? Watch the new trailer to see what he has planned:

Homelander is advised by a new character to push American democracy towards the brink of collapse, and then to save it. The Boys has always been a show sensitive to modern-day political headwinds, so I’m not at all surprised it would tackle a topic like this. Satire is coming.

And so are buckets of blood, and naughty parts, and cacophonous profanity. That’s what I love about The Boys: it has things on its mind, but it also loves to entertain, often trying to find new ways to top itself when it comes to pure grossness. The final shot of Homelander smiling covered in blood suggests we’re just getting started.

The trailer also gives us a glimpse of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s new character, who’s conferring with the anti-superhero crusader Billy Butcher. Also, Vought CEO Ashley Barrett seems as desperately unstable as ever. “Who wants their balls crushed?” she asks. Girl needs a new job, lots of therapy, and a bubble bath.

The trailer doesn’t give us a release date. All we know is that The Boys season 4 is “coming soon.”

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