Ncuti Gatwa is “so nervous” to take on Doctor Who role


Showrunner Russell T. Davies’ return to Doctor Who is going down a storm. Beloved former Doctor David Tennant is back for a trio of 60th anniversary specials alongside fan-favorite companion Donna Noble (Catherine Tate). Very soon, actor Ncuti Gatwa will take hold of the reins and become the Fifteenth Doctor. Needless to say, Gatwa is a little nervous to take on one of the most beloved roles in television history.

Gatwa’s era, in particular, holds a lot of significance. It marks a complete reset for the Whoniverse. The new season is being marketed as ‘season 1,’ rather than the 14th installment in the ‘New Who’ franchise that began in 2005. This puts tons of pressure on Gatwa to deliver a refreshing take on the series, the same way Christopher Eccleston did all those years ago.

“It’s felt like I’ve been the Doctor and also had to hold off from being the Doctor for most of the last two years,” Gatwa told The Big Issue magazine, per The Guardian. “So how do I feel about people seeing it? I feel ready. But I’m so nervous.”

Gatwa has always been a huge Whovian, so seeing his favorite Doctor and fellow Scotsman, David Tennant, return to our screens to precede him was a huge moment for him. “I would have been 13 – a pivotal time. And firstly, he’s Scottish. Plus he was so charismatic and fun – I mean all the Doctors have been fun, all the way back,” Gatwa said. “David had such a Scottish almost feral-ness to him, which is what I liked. I felt an affinity to that. So for him, of all people, to be handing the baton over – it just feels really surreal.”

Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary specials will conclude later this week with The Giggle, which will see David Tennant’s Fourteenth Doctor regenerate into Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor. Get a first glimpse of the regeneration here:

Gatwa’s first episode, “The Church on Ruby Road,” premieres on Christmas Day. It’s the most wonderful time of the year indeed!

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